Course terms and conditions.

The below is a summary clarification and statement of Payments procedure, Course Terms and Conditions all of which must be observed to the full by all participants.

  1. All payments shall be invoiced in advance of course commencement and during the preceding month of each course.
    1. Every effort shall be made to ensure invoices are processed during the last week of each month as standard and will be sent via email allowing time for timely payment.
    2. If payment continues to be late we reserve the right to discontinue your registration and attendance to classes.
  2. We do not issue refunds: Please see the award of credit clarification
    1. The student, Parent or Guardian must submit in writing a notice of non-attendance via email to stating dates when non-attendance shall occur.
    2. Receipt of the notice must be before the invoice being issued for the upcoming classes/course. IF INVOICE IS ISSUED NO CREDIT WILL BE ALLOWED.
    3. If the above criteria (points 2.1 & 2.2) is met then a credit may be issued, (subject to Academy managements discretion) against next month’s class(s) only, this cannot be carried forward past the preceding month.
  3. If no notice is received:
    1. The full cost of the class shall remain in force and no credit(s) shall be issued.
    2. It is the responsibility of the student, Parent or Guardian to ensure sufficient notice is given in writing as verbal notice cannot be taken as ‘Notice’
  4. We no longer can accommodate ‘Pay as you go ‘payments.
    1. All payments must be made monthly and as invoiced and in advance of all upcoming classes/course.
    2. This is unfortunate but receiving payment per class causes additional administrative issues and can lead to errors and miscommunication.
    3. If payments are only being made in this method, we reserve the right to discontinue registration and attendance to class.
  5. Payments can be made using any of the below methods:
    1. Banking Online (Account details are shown on Invoices)
    2. Credit or Debit Card using the link as shown on Invoice
    3. Credit or Debit Card payments can be accepted in the Academy Office by prior arrangement
    4. Cash payments can be accepted in the Academy Office by prior arrangement
    5. PayPal Transfer Payments
  6. Leir Language Academy or Leir Education reserves the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrolment or any other reason it seems fit and without explanation. In any such event, all fees will be refunded in full. Before the cancellation of a course, as registered, Leir Language Academy or Leir Education will, where possible, will postpone the course for up to 1 month after the stated initial start date for other students to enrol. Those already enrolled will be advised in advance of this.

Terms and conditions continued.

For further information or for clarification on any item regarding courses or Leir Education, Leir Language Academy, our Staff for any reason please contact Managing Director Peter Donnelly through our contact us page or by email to

Additional notes on Course payment terms and conditions

All the above terms and conditions are subject to change without notice and are applicable to Leir Education and Language Academy’s Online courses as well as Traditional courses (Traditional meaning classrooms within the physical building / structure and not virtual or online)

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